Our Portfolio.

Founding Partners Bradley Saveth and Zack Stein have been building, funding, running, marketing, and promoting companies for years. Both serial innovators with a pulse on the what’s now, next, and next next, they are deeply committed to getting things done, making things grow, and doing so ethically and in style.


SupplyCaddy is a trusted distributor of high-quality PPE, safety, and other essential products to businesses, hospitals, universities and organizations globally. When COVID-19 became an everyday reality, essential workers required proper safety equipment. SupplyCaddy quickly became the safety source for masks, gloves, sanitizing products, and other essential items needed by healthcare institutions and Fortune 1000 companies all over the world. Today, SupplyCaddy delivers essential safety related products to global industry and institutions as well as products and services to food service industry giants across the US and internationally.

Clean Slate Group

Founded in 2011, CSG is a pioneer in urban beautification products and materials. With global exclusive distribution rights and R&D from Honeywell, Clean Slate Group recently launched CSG Protect, a revolutionary new product that is quickly becoming the industry standard to protect surfaces from bacteria and outer elements.


Don’t Fly Hungry™ We are the in-airport order and delivery app for passengers, flight crews, and airport employees. Open up the app, browse, order, and relax. We got this. We’ll bring it all to you


THEBRANDEDCOMPANY was founded in response to an emergency request from one of the largest delivery and logistics companies in the world at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since our launch, THEBRANDEDCOMPANY has helped numerous companies secure affordable and high quality protective cloth masks as well as other branded and unbranded Personal Protective Equipment.